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SimStack: An Intuitive Workflow Framework

Celso R. C. Rêgo, Jörg Schaarschmidt, Tobias Schlöder, Montserrat Penaloza-Amion, Saientan Bag, Tobias Neumann, Timo Strunk and Wolfgang Wenzel


Establishing a fundamental understanding of the nature of materials via computational simulation approaches requires knowledge from different areas, including physics, materials science, chemistry, mechanical engineering, mathematics, and computer science. Accurate modeling of the characteristics of a particular system usually involves multiple scales and therefore requires the combination of methods from various fields into custom-tailored simulation workflows. The typical approach to developing patch-work solutions on a case-to-case basis requires extensive expertise in scripting, command-line execution, and knowledge of all methods and tools involved for data preparation, data transfer between modules, module execution, and analysis. Therefore multiscale simulations involving state-of-the-art methods suffer from limited scalability, reproducibility, and flexibility. In this work, we present the workflow framework SimStack that enables rapid prototyping of simulation workflows involving modules from various sources. In this platform, multiscale- and multimodule workflows for execution on remote computational resources are crafted via drag and drop, minimizing the required expertise and effort for workflow setup. By hiding the complexity of high-performance computations on remote resources and maximizing reproducibility, SimStack enables users from academia and industry to combine cutting-edge models into custom-tailored, scalable simulation solutions.